March 16, 2007

Academic Success: Build Your Personal Study Shrine

"Location, Location, Location" is a popular phrase used when establishing a new franchise of stores in business. Location is also important when studying in school. Whether in the dorm, at the library, at home or in the park, you can have a study location that enhances your Academic success.

You can build your personal Study Shrine that will enahance your grades, improve your retention, and create alertness for better overall results. Read More

February 21, 2007

Academic Success: Change Some of Your Study Habits

After 30 something years of living on this earth, I am finally admitting I have a problem. I've battled with this problem for many years. My parents have tried to help me and so has my wife but today the buck stops here.

Before you judge me and before I reveal to you my bad habit, let's talk about STUDY HABITS.

As a student, what study habits have you developed? Do you study in bed? Do you spend time looking at each subject every day? Do you find yourself distracted when you study? Whatever the case, always keep in mind...the Study Habits you develope will determine your academic success so establish GOOD study habits and respect those habits.

Here's my coming out: I bite my finger nails. For years, I have looked at my hands, put my fingers in my mouth and chewed on whatever nail was long enough to fit in between my teeth. Don't get me wrong, I haven't bitten them down to the bone, I do have some nail to work with, but I have developed a habit of biting my nails. But today I have decided to change this habit and respect this new habit.

You might say Kantis, I need to change some study habits. Well take a look at these tips below:

1. Make a quality decision to change.
2. Become accountable to someone and set boundaries to protect your decision.
3. Develop new and good habits See the "Do-Do's of Studying"

Changing some of your study habits will change how you perform academically. Once you implement your new habits, set up boundaries that will help you keep them. Don't lay down when you study or you will fall asleep. Put your calls on forward during your study time so that you won't be distracted by your phone ringing. Set up boundaries that will protect your new habit - respect your new habits.

In order for me to be successful in my new habit of not biting my finger nails, I have created the boundaries of keeping my fingers away from my mouth unless I am eating, consistently getting manicures and paying a ten dollar fine to my wife whenever I break my new habit. I will create a new habit of not biting my nails and I will respect that habit or my wife will be very rich.

Developing good study habits will help you academically achieve success in all your classes.

February 19, 2007

Academic Success: Uncover your Attitudes

Have you heard the powerful statement, "Attitude Determines your Altitude". Well that statement is so powerful and so true. It is even true where your academic success and college success is concerned. Today I challenge you to uncover your attitudes.

What's your attitude towards your teachers and professors? Is it negative or is it positive? What's your attitude towards your grades, your classes, and your classmates. You are effective based on your positive attitude and defeated based on your negative attitude. Here are some famous quotes to adjust your attitude on academic success.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind." - James Truslow Adams

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." - Lou Holtz

"The best way to inspire people to superior performance is to convince them by everything you do and by your everyday attitude that you are wholeheartedly supporting them." - Harold S. Geneen

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." - William James

"A daily glance in the mirror can tell you what you look like, but a daily adjustment of your attittude can tell you what you will LIVE like." - Kantis A. Simmons

January 31, 2007

Failed, Flopped, and Forgotten: Recycling and Resurrecting Your Resolutions

Well the clock has hit midnight, the ball has dropped, and the champagne has been poured. It's the New Year. It's 2007!

We've made new decisions, we've dreamed up new images, we've made new promises to ourselves and to God for this year. New Years Resolutions! We all make them every year, but where do they stand today?

Like myself, you have maybe promised yourself you would go to the gym more often and lose that last 15 pounds, or maybe that you would spend more time with your family or focus more on time management. Whatever the resolutions were, do you find yourself not accomplishing any of them or even starting them by January 31, 2007. Do you feel like giving up? Like many of us it's easy to fall into this cycle every year.


I want to encourage you that this can be the best year of your life. And I'm not just saying that as a simple cliché! You can be different from what you were in the past. This can be the year that you put your best foot forward and accomplish your goals.

This can be the year that you rise above every obstacle and become the champion you really are. Think of this as the year that you win. The year where you Play Your "A" Game everyday in everyway!

Choose to make the word FOCUS a valuable word to have in your vocabulary. Focus allows you to commit to going to the gym and eating better. It allows you to commit to spending more time with your family and it allows you to concentrate more on your time management skills. Focus will allow you to continue to Play Your "A" Game even long after the year is over.

Here are 7 plays to help you play and maintain you're 'A' game all year long.

- Identify and set your specific goal for the new year.

- Decide today that you will do what ever it takes to reach your desired end.

- Locate someone (the expert) who has or who's doing what you desire to achieve.

- Detail and write down your specific plan.

- Submit to five people (better than you) and become accountable.

- Do everything it takes to be the best and reach your goal.

- Make the above 6 plays your new way of life.

What causes one person to succeed for a small period of time and for another to play his 'A' Game all year long? It's the man that conditions for the game, the man that plays hard in the game, and the man that doesn't quit during the game.

December 29, 2006

Hear Kantis Simmons and Teresa Bolen Talk About Exam Success

On last evening, I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Teresa Bolen during a teleseminar on "How to Discover your Hidden Abilites to Create the Success You Desire on Exams". The call was content rich filled with practical action items for every listener.

In the teleseminar we dealt with how to:

* Deal with feelings of overwhelm
* Balance family, work and school
* Retain what you learn
* Overcome test anxiety, plus much more.

If you would like to hear the replay of the teleseminar it will be up for a short while. So please call the replay line and listen to Teresa Bolen's expertise on succeeding on exams.

On the call we also give a load of FREE Bonuses, so click the link below to get Teresa Bolen's new book and the free bonuses.

The replay line is available for now, at the following number:
(641) 985-5035
access code: 441209#

In Everything You Do Play Your "A" Game!
Kantis Simmons

December 11, 2006

Academic Success - Sleep Your way to Better Grades

As a sophomore in Undergrad at Norfolk State University , I set out to get my very first 4.0 as a college student. In doing so, I set certain bounadries and disciplines for myself. A few of them I want to definitely share with you today.

1. I chose to study, learn, and associate with 4.0 students. I figured that if I wanted to be "great" then I had to hang with "great" students.

2. I also chose to use my time better and maximize my daily progress by maximizing every single hour of the day

3. Lastly I learned how to get in the bed and go to sleep. Yes, sleep helped me get a 4.0.

To better understand how to sleep your way to academic success, see Teresa Bolen's article on "5 Reasons Why Sleep is Important to Academic Success..

November 30, 2006

College Scholarships are Clicks Away

Like most people you are likely "trippin" from the cost of college these days. Scholarships seem like a great option to lessen the blow to your wallet. But, you may be wondering if they are achievable for the average student. The good news is they most certainly are.

Not all scholarships are academic scholarships that consider only the straight A, honor-roll students. Many relatively unknown scholarships are available. For example, have you heard about the duct tape prom dress scholarship? Or, what about the scholarship that's just for tall people?

Yes, those scholarships are real. And, there are many others out there like them. But, how in the world do you go about finding the ones that suit you (or for students like you)? The information is out there, much of it online. Here are 3 Simple Tips for locating unusual scholarships online:

1. Use Search Engines - Using Google search for "left hand scholarships" (with quotes) if you are left handed. Insert your various unique qualities and/or hobbies. Don't overlook small things, like hair color, eye color, height, etc... You never know what you will find!

2. Sign Up For a Scholarship Database - There are many scholarship databases online, some free, some paid. These databases usually contain a fairly comprehensive list of available scholarships. We review several popular databases on our site.

3. Visit message boards and forums - A search on your favorite search engine for "scholarship forum" or "scholarship message board" will likely provide you with a wealth of resources. Visit active forums to network with other students who are looking for scholarships. Interesting scholarships will likely get talked about. This is a great way of getting "in the know".

With a bit of time and effort, you can uncover real gems. Unusual and quirky scholarships do exist, you just need to find them. The Internet can be a great tool to mine for these treasures. So get to clicking!!

In Everything you Do - Play Your "A" Game!
Kantis Simmons

October 10, 2006

Academic Success - Actively Listen in Class

The majority of things you learn during your educational career , comes through listening in class. So be an active listener and LISTEN CAREFULLY. Here are few suggestions.

1. MOVE CLOSER to the front of the class so you won't have any trouble seeing, hearing or paying attention.

2. FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION on what the professor or speaker is saying - not on the upcoming weekend or yesterday's dinner, or the sound of the speakrs' voice, etc. But focus on the content of his lecture.

3. EVALUATE WHAT YOU HEAR and think about what the speaker's words mean and how they relate to what you already know about the subject.

4. TAKE NOTES, since it's impossible for even the best of listeners to remmeber all that has been said. Write down those things that are most important.

Your listening skills are key to your Academic Success. So Play Your "A" game and Actively Listen.

August 15, 2006

Oprah Interviews Kantis Simmons

''There I am, waiting behind stage in my dressing room for the producers of the Oprah Show to call me on stage. As I nervously wait, I reflect on what got me to this point in life. The point where Oprah desires to interview me, Kantis Simmons, an Academic Success Coach, Speaker & Author.''

May 14, 2006

Congrats Graduates. Way to Play Your 'A' Game!

To all the 2006 College graduates I salute you.

To my little sister, you are grown woman now, and you have crossed the college stage. Thanks for being one of the first to read my book, apply the principles, and tell me "Kantis, this is really a good book, you should definitely publish this"

My sister, Mia Simmons, graduated with academic honors from North Carolina A&T State University with B.S. in Computer Science.

Way to Play Your "A" Game Mia Diah. Love you and keep moving forward! AGGIE PRIDE!!